NH-29, Gorakhpur-Sonauli Road, Beside Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Maniram


The talented and divers communities of teachers along with students who are keen to learn will enable us to build a close-knit supportive team of enthusiastic learners of all ages. The vast scope for development of the students is put to use by the positive physical environment of the school. Lush green lawns, spacious and well ventilated class-rooms facilitate a natural and healthy social environment within the school. These comfortable surroundings allow the students to develop optimally.

Constant enhancement of teaching skills of the staff at PRISHA International School guarantees that our teachers are competent to handle the different needs needs of learners. We grant plenty of scop for individual attention to the students. Thus the teachers can nurture each student’s emotional, behavioral and academic need. Avigilant staff at school and a fleet of buses driven by responsible drivers for ensure maximum safety of our students.

Message from Chairman’s Desk

I feel privileged that I belong to the noblest profession of the world. There are only two creators in the world: God who created everything and teacher who creates noble human beings. My vision behind my dedication to the world of education became strong due to this universally accepted perception. It is a matter of pride and glory that my best part of life passes with students whose enthusiasm and perseverance are unlimited. Another point of better satisfaction to me is the inclusion of learning in teaching. Year by year, new accolades are added to our prestige through the achievement of our students which is the best reward for me too. I am quite thankful to my teachers, students and parents for their immense affection and unconditional support which helps us fulfill our expectation to provide students with latest culture of education. Our academic aura is subject to revision on the basis of performance and feedback collected throughout the session. Dear students, parents, we need your active participation through your regular feedback and appreciation. Hope that you will support us and contribute to the development of the nation. Mr. Gopal Chaturvedi

Director’s Message

Benjamin Franklin says, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. “ This is what I also feel in the core of my heart. There is no other pleasure comparable to what I get while watching, young ones taking admission in my school and their parents placing their trust in us for the development of their wards. I am quite fortunate that the almighty has considered me confidant and made me his medium to impart education. Before I joined school, I was merely a member of my own family, after joining it; I naturally became a member of hundreds of families pertaining to various castes, creeds, communities and religions. I am quite overwhelmed to be deputed for nurturing the nature of my students.My affection to all the students, respect to all the teachers and thanks to all the parents for the act of educating the future of our country. Dr. Navneet Chaturvedi

Message from Principal’s Desk

My devotion to academic world comes out of my intrinsic penchant for teaching. While as a student, I always tried to make out the effort of my Chairman, Principal and teachers. Sometimes, we created a lot of trouble for them but they sustained everything very meticulously. Though not so much mature that I could feel everything well yet some ordinary things influenced my young mind time and again and probably that is why now, I fall into the category of young educationists. Today’s world is evidently led by those who are better in education and every nation has laid its priority on education. My way to define education is what Aristotle says,” The roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet.” Our country in the matter of imparting education has had a legendry history. In the era of Gurukulas, students sacrificed most of their worldly pleasures for education. They lived with their Guru in order to complete their education within the set time frame. This devotion and diligence of Indian pupils still serves as an example for the people of the world. Dear students, righteousness, nobleness and all other good duties need hard work. You are the maker of your destiny and builder of your nation. Dr. Shraddha